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When a man learns to love he bears the risk of hatred. ---- Uchiha Madara

Sasuke-Pray For Japan by Cassy-F-EPRAY FOR JAPAN by Codelucy

Today it's rainy. It's nice, I can hear the rain and the wind blowing through my wind chimes. I like rainy days like this. They are peaceful. 

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Katara stared out over the Fire Nation Capital, while she fingered the engagement necklace at her throat. She hoped they would come back safely. She had heard rumors of this Zaheer and his little band of rebels. Especially, their firebender: P’Li.

“Katara?” Zuko walked up to her, his hair was streaked with grey. When did it become grey? When had they gotten so old?  Little Iroh was holding Zuko’s hand. When had Chang’e been old enough to be a mother? Let alone date boys? It seemed just like yesterday that Chang’e and Yuyi were being born. “Katara, they’ll be alright.”

“How do you know? How do you know if my babies will be alright?” Katara whispered, her voice choked with tears. “They are facing a combustionbender! Do you remember the last combustionbender?”

“Yes,” Zuko muttered, “I remember.”

“Did Grandpa do something stupid in the 100 Year War, Gran-Gran?” Iroh asked. He was seven and bursting with curiousity.

Zuko made a face while Katara giggled. “Grandpa did lots of stupid things during the war, Iroh. Though,” Katara squatted down to look at her grandson, “why aren’t you in bed yet?”

“Where’s Mom?” Iroh asked.

“Your mother is off on a dangerous mission, she’s protecting the Avatar.” Katara said and looked out at the sky again.

“Avatar Korra?” Iroh asked. “Is she in trouble?”

“Some very bad people tried to kidnap her,” Zuko said. “Your mother and uncle went off to help Tonraq defeat them.”

“Oh,” Iroh said and let go of Zuko’s hand. He spun around and flopped onto the floor and stared up at the ceiling. “Mom’s super cool. She showed me how to bend lightning. So, I know she’s going to be okay.” Iroh suddenly sat up. “Hey, didja know that Mom and Uncle Yuyi can do something really super cool?”

“No?” Zuko said and took a seat next to his grandson. “What can they do?”

“They can bend lightning and water together!” Iroh’s eyes grew wide. “Isn’t that cool?” he asked.

“That is… pretty cool,” Zuko agreed.

“It’s also really dangerous,” Katara countered. “They could get hurt!”

“But Mom and Uncle Yuyi are super powerful benders!” Iroh said. “So, I know they can defeat those kidnappers!”

Zuko and Katara chuckled at their grandson’s antics. “I’m glad Ling went with them, though. She could take out Zaheer,” Zuko muttered. “I should’ve gone.”

“You’re the Fire Lord!” Katara hissed.

“I’m thinking about stepping down. Letting Chang’e take over,” Zuko said as he leaned against Katara. “I’m tired Katara,” he muttered. “I just want to go to Ember Island and live out my days peacefully with you by my side.”

“I know, you’ve kept your vigil for many years,” Katara said and stroked his head before kissing his temple. “We can discuss this when the twins get home.”


“So, what are you and Gran-Gran doing?” Iroh asked.

“We’re keeping a vigil,” Katara said.

“What’s that?” Iroh asked.

“It’s where you stay up all night waiting for someone or you pray to the spirits,” Zuko explained.

“Oh cool! Can I do it too?”

“You have to go to bed soon mister. I’m sure your father will be worried,” Katara said.

“But I’m not tired!” Iroh protested.

“Iroh,” Zuko said and pulled his grandson into his lap. “You can stay up, but you have to listen to a story.”

“Not one of your boring stories,” Iroh pouted. “Gran-Gran tells better stories, than you Grandpa.”

“I don’t tell boring stories!” Zuko protested and looked at his wife. Katara giggled but didn’t say a word. “I don’t!”

“How about, I tell a story. A love story,” Katara said.

“Eeew! I want to hear about the war! Oh! Oh! I wanna hear the story about how you and Grandpa defeated Princess Azula!”

“Very well,” Zuko said and began the tale.


“Your Majesty?” Zhulong said, poking his head into the chamber. He was a tall man, with black hair and pale gold eyes. “Ah, there’s Iroh.”

“Fast asleep,” Zuko agreed. “How’s Ursa?”

“Sleeping,” Zhulong said, entering the chamber and scooping up his son. “He has so much energy.”

“That he does,” Zuko agreed. “He gets that from his mother.”

“I know,” Zhulong smiled, “Well good night.”

“Good night,” Zuko and Katara chimed. They sat in silence for a while. “Do you want to play Pai Sho?”

“Of course,” Katara said and watched as Zuko got the game board out. They played in silence; passing the long hours of the night.


“Uh…” Chang’e messaged her shoulder. “Damn combustionbender,” she muttered.

“Here, let me,” Yuyi said and drew up some water. It glowed and hummed as he healed the wound. “Feel better?”

“Naturally,” Chang’e said. She watched as her brother played with the water absentmindedly. “So… are you really going to take up Tonraq’s offer and train Korra in waterbending?”

“Maybe,” her brother said, sounding evasive. “I mean, there is really no place for me in the Fire Nation.”

“You’re the Prince of the Fire Nation!” Chang’e said. “Of course you have a place in the Fire Nation.”

“I don’t feel like I belong,” Yuyi sighed, made an ice spear and tossed it out into the water. “If I go to the Southern Water Tribe… I’ll learn about Mom’s culture, and… I think it’ll be good for me.”

“If you’re sure,” Chang’e said. “But what do I tell Iroh and Ursa? They love their uncle so much!”

“The truth,” Yuyi said with a shrug. “I’ll come and visit, plus someone will have to train Korra in firebending.”

“I may be ruling the Fire Nation. Dad’s thinking about stepping down,” Chang’e sighed. “Do you think I’m ready?” she asked.

Yuyi smiled. “More than ready.”


The Prince and Princess of the Fire Nation didn’t reach the palace until dawn. Nobody was awake, only the servants getting ready for the day ahead. Chang’e yawned loudly. “I’m tired.”

“I thought firebenders rose with the sun?” Yuyi asked. Chang’e glared at him.

“Watch it, buster,” she said she walked into the palace.

“Yuyi? Chang’e?” a voice said. The twins looked to stairs to see their parents.

“Mom! Dad!” they shouted and ran to their parents. Katara and Zuko embraced their children, thankful that they were alright. Their vigil, at least for this past night, was over.

Another one done. I don’t really like it. But…. I figured everyone will do Zuko waiting while Katara gives birth. Hehe. :/

I wanted to do something different.

This follows my personal headcanon of ZK ending for ATLA and the ripple effects is has on Korra’s timeline.
Children for this timeline:
Yuyi: Waterbender, son. Twin brother to Chang’e. He has light brown skin, gold eyes and black hair. He ends up becoming Korra’s Waterbending Master. He is named after the Chinese Sun God.
Chang’e: Firebender, daughter. Twin sister to Yuyi. Chang’e is the mother of Iroh II and Ursa. She eventually comes Fire Lord of the Fire Nation, once Zuko steps down. She has pale skin, blue eyes and black hair. Her children are Iroh II and Ursa, her husband is the son of Mai, Zhulong. She is named after the Chinese Moon Goddess.

Ty Lokka:
Ling: Ty Lee and Sokka’s daughter. She knows chi-blocking and can use various weapons to fight. She’s also an acrobat.

Iroh II is a LOT younger that what he is in canon (I don’t care). In this he’s three years older than Korra oppose to the 19 years older that he is in canon. 

Avatar: The Last Airbender (c) Michael Dante DiMartino, Bryan Konietzko

Katara looked at the phone charm. It was blue and white with three little tassels; the outer two had little snowflakes, while the inner one had a rain drop. She stared at the golden eyed boy that gave it to her, and a pout crossed her face. "I think it's stupid!" she shouted and tossed it on the ground. "Go away and leave me alone!" Katara screamed and stomped back to her house, in which she opened the door, entered and slammed it close again.

Zuko stared, bewildered, at her reaction. It wasn't supposed to happen like that. He had heard the tragic news of Katara's mother dying, and desperate to help his neighbor, he asked his mother to help him make a charm. Clearly, Katara didn't like the phone charm. Zuko stooped and picked it up. He looked at it for several long moments before tossing it back on the ground. "Stupid!" he screamed and went back into his own house.

It was raining again. It always rained in Seattle. Zuko missed the sun at times, but he liked the campus of the University of Washington, so he couldn't complain too much, right? He sipped his coffee has he hitched up his bag higher onto his shoulder. At least he got away from his sister. She had decided to stay in Hawaii and study there. Ty Lee had gone to New York to study dance at some hoity-toity arts school, and Mai had followed him to the University of Washington. In fact, her annoyed ugh just broke through his train of thought. "It's always raining," Mai complained.

"Welcome to Seattle!" Zuko said with a mocking smile, he had the foresight to buy his cranky girlfriend coffee. "Coffee?" he offered it to Mai at just the same moment someone decided to run into them. Zuko watched as the offered cup of coffee slammed into his girlfriend and soaked her.

"Ugh!" Mai shrieked, backing away. "Watch where you're going!"

"Yeah…." Zuko's words died in his throat at the sight of the person than into them. Her skin was the color of mocha, with hair the color of chocolate and eyes blue as the sky. He recognized her but he couldn't remember where.

"I'm so sorry," the young woman said and pulled out some napkins she had shoved into her pocket and tried to wipe at Mai's coat.

"Back off," Mai hissed. "You've already done enough damage for one day."

"Jeez," the blue-eyed woman said, "I was just trying to help."

"Oi! Sugar Queen! Hurry up otherwise we're going to be late!" another girl called.

"Coming Toph!" the blue-eyed girl shouted. "Sorry again," she said and ran off to join her two friends. Zuko couldn't help but continue to stare at her, as he had seen a ghost. He started when Mai waved her hand in front of his face.

"Earth to Zuko!" she sounded annoyed.

"Uh…huh… yeah?" he looked at Mai, blinking once, twice, thrice.

"Do you know her? You were staring at her like you did?" Mai said, slipping her hand into his as they went in the opposite direction to their classes.

"I… don't know…" Zuko said. "I feel like I do. Do you remember Katara?"

"That girl you use to live next door to in Hawaii?"

"Yeah, her. Well… shortly after her mother died, she and her family moved to the mainland. I never saw them again."

"Lots of people could have blue eyes and dark skin," Mai pointed out.

"Yeah, maybe… but… I don't know," Zuko said and sipped his coffee. "You could be right," he said.

Mai yawned. "Let's talk about something else," she said. Zuko sighed, wishing he had a girlfriend that wasn't such a big blah.

He was doodling in the back of his art class, one of the few classes he had that didn't include Mai. "That looks like me," a woman said behind him. Zuko started and looked up. It was the same girl that ran into him and Mai this morning.

"Oh… uhm… it's not really good… and it could be anyone," Zuko stammered.

"Mind if we sit here?" she asked.

"Oh, no, go ahead!" Zuko said.

"Thanks, c'mon Aang," Katara said. Zuko watched as another guy followed the girl and sat next to her. He wore an orange shirt, dark green cargo pants and black sneakers, with a yellow jacket and a beanie with a blue arrow on it.

"Thanks for letting us sit next to you," Aang said.

Zuko grunted, "No problem."

"Hey, whatcha drawing?" Aang asked, leaning over the girl. Zuko sighed and showed the nosy guy. "Why are you drawing Katara?" Aang asked.

"Ka-Katara?" Zuko stammered.

"Yeah." Aang narrowed his eyes. "Katara," he pointed to the woman between them, "my girlfriend."

"Aang," Katara said. "We aren't dating." Katara said. "Aang, I've told you before that I'm not your girlfriend!"

Aang huffed and leaned back in his seat.

"Katara," Zuko breathed. Katara turned to look at him.

"Yeah?" Katara stared at Zuko for a long moment before her eyes widened in shock. "Zuko? Zuko Zhu?" Katara asked. Zuko nodded. "What happened to your face?"

"Oh… that…" Zuko touched the burn scar on his left cheek. "My father… he uhm… got drunk and well… burned me. This was after my mother mysteriously left. I was thirteen."

"Oh my god," Katara said. "Zuko, I'm so sorry."

"Don't," Zuko shook his head. "Just tell me: Are you really Katara Harmaajärvi?"

"How do you know her last name?" Aang butted in.

"I lived next to her when we were kids. You grandmother on your father's side was Sami or something."

"Gran-Gran was Sami, Gandpa was a Finn she met during WWII. After the war they immigrated to the United States and the rest is history as they say. Though, I'm surprised they ended up in Hawaii. Since Hawaii is the farthest thing from Finland, weather-wise," Katara said. "So, what have you been up to?" Katara asked.

Zuko was about to speak when the professor walked in. "I'll tell you over a cup of coffee sometime," he said. "But wow… I can't believe I ran into you."

"Happenstance," Katara said with a smile, but slipped her hand into his and gave it a squeeze. The professor began to drone on and on, but Zuko wasn't listening for all he could focus on was Katara's warm hand.

It was several weeks later that Katara and Zuko finally got their coffee date. They swapped stories about what happened between them since Katara moved. "Sokka was chased by a moose?" Zuko asked, for clarification.

"Yep," Katara said. "Right up into a tree. Dad and Bato had to shoo it off before Sokka could come down. Word of warning. Moose are scary."

"I believe that. So you enjoyed Alaska?" Zuko asked.

"Oh, I loved it," Katara said. "But I also like Washington State. We were way up north in Alaska, away from the sea. Here, I'm close to the water and I feel so alive being near it."

"Well, I'm glad you're here," Zuko said. "So, what's the deal between you and Aang?"

"We're friends. He disagrees with that. We aren't dating," Katara said tersely and sipped at her coffee. "What about you and the goth girl you were with?"

"Mai? We've been friends since childhood. Dated in high school and she followed me here. Somewhere since high school are flame died or maybe it was never there in the first place."

"I see." Katara nodded.

"I uhm… here." Zuko pulled out the little charm.

"You… I remember this…" Katara breathed and took it from Zuko's grasp. "You gave this to me after my mother died and… I got so mad that I threw it away."

"I remember," Zuko licked his lips. "I've kept it since then."

"Why?" Katara looked up at him.

"Because… I love you," he breathed. "I've loved you since we were kids."

"Zuko…" Katara breathed and Zuko leaned across the table and cupped her cheek and gave her a tender kiss. Katara closed her eyes, melting into it. They stayed like that for several long moments before pulling away.

"I never thought I'd see you again," Zuko said. "Call it destiny or happenstance or whatever you like."


"I just wanted you to know how I felt," he said and stood up. "I'll be seeing you." Zuko smiled at Katara before walking out of the coffee shop. Katara stared after him then looked at the charm in her hand.

She bit her lip and closed her hand around the charm. Aang had recently asked her out and she hadn't given him an answer. Her dad and brother knew Aang, and they liked Aang but Katara just couldn't… she liked Aang as a friend. And now there was Zuko and he kissed her. Zuko… who understood her, laughed at her lame jokes, and didn't judged her when she began to cry when she brought of her mother.

Katara didn't remember getting up and running out into the rain. She didn't remember running after Zuko, who was crossing the street at the time. She vaguely remembered the cars honking as they kissed in the frigid rain in the middle of the crosswalk. All she really remembered was getting lost in Zuko's brilliant golden eyes and the fire that his kisses stoked deep inside her.

This wasn't happenstance.

It was destiny.

Avatar: The Last Airbender (c) Michael Dante DiMartino, Bryan Konietzko


My first Zutara week since… 2008? 2009? Can't remember! Either way! It's been an insanely long time since my last one! And… DAMN! Does it feel good to write Zutara again!

The original idea was based off of a manga short I read in Honey Blood volume 0. Zuko was supposed to die, but he didn't. ^^

Katara's last name is Harmaajärvi, which is Finnish for "grey lake". I wanted an Inuit surname, but the name site I'm using didn't have that option.

Zuko's last name is Zhu, which is Chinese for "vermillion red" and was the name of the Ming Emperors. Rather fitting for the Fire Nation Prince.



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When a man learns to love he bears the risk of hatred. ---- Uchiha Madara

Sasuke-Pray For Japan by Cassy-F-EPRAY FOR JAPAN by Codelucy

Today it's rainy. It's nice, I can hear the rain and the wind blowing through my wind chimes. I like rainy days like this. They are peaceful. 

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